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NoxPlayer is the most advanced free Android emulator available, both in terms of technology and performance. It provides consumers with the optimal experience while playing Android games and applications on Windows and Mac OS.

NoxPlayer is a reliable, efficient, and powerful media player. It guarantees rapid reaction — a larger screen means simpler operation. This software has several important settings, such as the ability to alter your screen resolution. Using iRoot for PC, you may root your Android device and get access to restricted functions.


This application player provides access to a variety of games that you can easily operate using a variety of assistive technologies. You may play using a mouse, keyboard, or gamepad, which gives us more control over our actions. The full usage of the keyboard came in helpful, particularly while playing action role-playing games.

Additionally, NoxPlayer supports a variety of input/output devices — in addition to the traditional mouse and keyboard, it also supports gamepads and controllers. Camera and microphone integration are fundamental features. Additionally, you may map the WASD key to control your character in-game, and you can assign other keys to activate abilities or fire bullets.

The multiplayer mode is a novel feature that enables users to operate several NoxPlayer windows concurrently. Each window might be used to run a separate application/game. Thus, rather than relegating other applications to the background, users may easily move between them on the same computer screen. This is analogous to owning several phones for real-time multitasking.

NoxPlayer Features

  • Google Play store is already integrated, so no need to download or integrate it again
  • Just with a click, you can open unlimited multiplayer windows
  • No need to download APKs if you already have them on your PC. Just drag and drop them into Nox App Player and go for it
  • Customizing CPU, RAM and resolution are now possible with NoxPlayer. Bluestacks still doesn’t give this option.
  • You can easily backup the Nox data in your computer itself
  • Has a button to On/Off the root mode
  • Capture a picture in Nox and it will be automatically saved on your PC
  • Now record videos of whatever you want in this emulator
  • Operation tips were also added to navigate users in a right way
  • Nox App Player allows you to customize the sidebar options as well


Size: 507 MB

NoxPlayer for Windows

NoxPlayer for Mac

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