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OSForensics 9.0.1002

OSForensics is a powerful software package used for computer expertise. OSForensics is most often used by investigative bodies, special structures and expert judicial bodies to compile indisputable evidence of illegal activity from the seized computer. It is most often used to make perfectly accurate copies of the disk system, which are examined by independent experts.

Features of OSForensics:

  • Search several times faster than standard Windows search
  • Indexing, speeding up search even more
  • Search the history of all popular email clients
  • Recover deleted files
  • View recently used documents
  • View computer usage activity
  • Collect complete information about computer hardware and software
  • View and make an exact copy of RAM
  • Retrieve usernames and passwords from browsers

OSForensics can also be used to solve simpler but important tasks, such as searching for lost files, recovering passwords, and detecting various virus infections.

License: Freeware.

Whats New in OSForensics 9.0.1002:

  • Auto Triage

    • Support for saving compressed Case files
    • Support for uploading Case files to FTP server
    • Fixed UI mouseover issues

  • Case Manager

    • Support for importing compressed Case files
    • Fixed a crash when trying to create a case in a network path

  • Create / Search Index

    • Fix crash bug when indexing corrupt OLE files (XLS, DOC, PPT)
    • Added export of “lastfailedindexcfg.zcfg” for debugging when indexing fails
    • Fixed potential crash bug with buffer issues in indexer

  • Memory Viewer

    • When running from network drive, DirectIo driver copied to temporary directory before loading
    • When saving memory dump to network location, saves to temporary location before moving to network path

  • Start Window Search

    • Fixed home / end text control
    • Added more search results

  • User Activity

    • Fixed potential memory crash in function on Win XP
    • Fixed a crash that could occur when collecting SRUM artifacts on Windows 11

  • Misc

    • Fixed crash when running from network drive
    • Update OpenSSL library in use to 1.1.1l
    • Updated help for internal viewer, E-mail viewer, map viewer, file name search map view, updated screenshots

Official page

Download: OSForensics 9.0.1002 (208 MB)

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