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Download PC Reviver – PC Optimization

PC Reviver stands out as a comprehensive tool designed to care for your PC’s well-being. This multifaceted utility not only diagnoses issues plaguing your system but also ensures they are safely resolved. The suite includes a collection of essential instruments fine-tuned to repair, optimize, and maintain your PC’s health.

The heart of PC Reviver lies within its advanced diagnostic tools. These are meticulously crafted to execute a thorough scan, delving deep to identify intricate problems within your PC. It is an approach widely respected and endorsed for reviving and cementing peak performance and stability within your system.

Download PC Reviver - PC Optimization

Not only does PC Reviver bring precision to problem-solving, but it also propels your PC back to its optimal state through various enhancements. It meticulously addresses issues, invoking optimizations to rejuvenate performance and ensure stability. Furthermore, with a vigilant eye on clutter, PC Reviver deftly eradicates old, redundant, and unnecessary files. This cleanup process liberates valuable disk space and memory, thereby injecting a burst of speed into your PC’s performance.

The intelligent design of PC Reviver doesn’t end with immediate fixes—the sustainability of your PC’s health is just as crucial. The program equips you with the capability to set up reminders and schedule tasks that automatically take care of your PC’s maintenance. With regular automated tune-ups, PC Reviver ensures that your computer is not just fixed for today but continues to operate at its best well into the future.

PC Reviver Features

  • Driver Backup. Create a secure Backup of your PC drivers if you need to restore them at a later date.
  • Startup Manager. Choose which programs and services launch on Windows Startup to improve boot times and overall PC performance and stability.
  • Uninstall Manager. Manage all installed applications and thoroughly uninstall programs based on recommendations or at will.
  • Registry Defrag. Safely optimize your Registry by compressing its hives making it smaller, more compact, and therefore more efficient.
  • Crash Helper. Find out why your PC is crashing (or has crashed) and find a solution to the cause.
  • File Extension Manager (Win 7, Vista, and XP). Manage what application is used to open a specific file extension.
  • Process Library. View the processes operating on your system quickly and easily.
  • System Information. View and save a report detailing your system information including software and hardware settings, and other useful information.
  • Answers. Direct access to the Reviversoft community of experts to answer any of your technology-related questions.
  • Registry Cleaner. Identifies errors in your Windows Registry and quickly and safely repairs these errors to restore optimum performance and stability.
  • Driver Updater. Identifies all out-of-date and obsolete drivers and quickly installs current drivers, sourced directly from the original manufacturer.
  • Disk Cleaner. Thoroughly clean privacy tracks, and delete cache and other temporary data that can take up valuable disk space and cause security issues.
  • Windows Updater. Quickly and easily check for updates to Windows and safely uninstall previous installations.
  • Disk Explorer. Quickly and easily manage the files on your hard disk to identify areas for improvement and optimizations.

Download PC Reviver

Size: 45.3 MB

PC Reviver Trial

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