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Wise Disk Cleaner 10.8.5 Build 804

Wise Disk Cleaner is a free utility that scans your hard drive for unwanted items and deletes them, freeing up disc space. Even someone who has never used a computer before may wipe their hard disc utilizing this app. More than 50 different kinds of unneeded or temporary files may be scanned and cleaned for free with this application.

Using Wise Disk Cleaner, your hard drive will be scanned for unused files that have accumulated and are causing your computer to run slowly.

Wise Disk Cleaner 10.8.5 Build 804

Using Wise Disk Cleaner, you’ll be presented with a list of all the files it found so you can choose whether or not to keep them. Freeware is the only license type available.

Wise Disk Cleaner Features

Scheduled Automatic Disk Cleaning

You can clean the disk on a daily, weekly, or monthly schedule according to your own need. It will automatically clean up the useless files in the background when the scheduled time is up. You can also create a ‘Clean with 1-click’ icon and place it on the desktop in settings. With this feature, you can clean up the junk files by clicking the icon without opening Wise Disk Cleaner.

Improve PC performance by defragging and rearranging files on Your Disk

Your hard disk drive will get fragmented over time. Fragmentation makes your hard disk do extra work that can slow down your computer. The ‘Disk Defrag feature can rearrange fragmented data so your disks and drives can work more efficiently. ‘Disk Defrag also offers you a clear graphic chart of the selected industry, letting you know the drive usage at a glance. You can also use it to analyze and defragment any external storage devices.

Freeware and Low CPU Usage

Wise Disk Cleaner Free is completely free. Anyone can download it and enjoy the free automatic update and technical support by email. This program is a small and virus-free program that consumes minimal system resources.

Changes to Wise Disk Cleaner 10.7.2 Final:

  • 1. Fixed the issue that the settings of Noscript will be removed after cleaning Firefox Cache.
  • 2. Fixed the issue that the settings of Speed ​​Dial [FVD] will be removed after cleaning Google Chrome Cookies.
  • 3. Fixed the issue that the clean process could stick while cleaning the User Temp folder.
  • 4. Improved the function of select all and partially select in Common Cleaner.

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Size: 6.52 MB

Wise Disk Cleaner Freeware

Wise Disk Cleaner Portable

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