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pCloud 3.10.1

pCloud provides cloud file storage and sharing solutions with capabilities that make accessing and controlling information more secure and easier than ever. Free registration gives everyone 10 GB of file upload space.

One of the main features of pCloud is the easy access to files both online and without an internet connection, without taking up additional space from the client. The service does not limit the size of the files that are uploaded.

The upload and download speeds also depend only on the speed provided by the ISP to the user. Previous versions of saved data are stored for 30 to 180 days, depending on the selected plan.

“PCloud Drive” is specialized software that acts as a virtual hard disk for each desktop client. File edits are automatically synced between all devices with pCloud installed. It is also possible to access the data offline after setting certain synchronization parameters.

Files stored on pCloud servers are protected by TLS / SSL transfer protocols by adding copies to at least three server locations at a data center in Dallas, Texas.

The service also provides an optional additional layer of protection with pCloud Crypto. The functionality uses client-side encryption to lock files of the user’s choice. The encryption is performed by the client, and only the data in encrypted version is uploaded to the servers. 4096-bit RSA secret user keys and 256-bit AES keys are used for each file and folder. When decrypting, data authentication is performed by calculating data hash algorithms during encryption and decryption and subsequently comparing the results.

The service has established a zero-knowledge privacy practice, according to which encryption keys are not stored on pCloud servers and the company does not have access to them. The Crypto Pass is only available to the person who creates it.

License: Free (up to 10 GB).

Whats New in pCloud 3.10.1:

Backup improvementsBug and crash fixesStability improvements

Official page


Download: pCloud 3.10.1 for Windows 32-bit (38.0 MB)

Download: pCloud 3.10.1 for Windows 64-bit (38.1 MB)

Download: pCloud 3.10.1 for other OS

Download: pCloud for Android

Download: pCloud for iOS

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