PicoTorrent 0.24.0

PicoTorrent is a small torrent program written in C ++. No special settings, no ads, no system load. PicoTorrent has negligible system resource requirements and can work with weak computers.

Key features of PicoTorrent:

  • can load and distribute torrents;
  • there are not many settings;
  • works with magnetic links;
  • no spam and ads;
  • very low requirements for system resources;
  • possibility to specify a folder where to save the downloaded files;
  • regulation of the speed of withdrawals and distribution;
  • hash calculation;
  • prioritize files;
  • overview of ciders and trackers;
  • possibility to select and configure a proxy;
  • the computer does not lock while downloading or uploading torrents;
  • OpenSSL support for working with HTTPS trackers.
    License: Freeware.

Changes in PicoTorrent 0.24.0:

The bug fixes

  • Fix a Unicode bug in the ‘Open file’ dialog. (# 1087)
  • Fixed a bug when removing trackers and tiers. (# 1085)
  • Fixed a typo in PQL parsing. (# 1084)
  • Fixed a Unicode issue with label names. (# 1070)
  • Fixed the default language lookup to use English (en-US). (# 1069)
  • Fixed a bug when restoring the main application window. (# 1032)
  • Fixed an issue when not having any listen interfaces specified. (# 1028)
  • Fixed an issue when adding duplicate magnet links. (# 1027)
  • Fixed a few out-of-range issues in the torrent list view. (# 1012)

New Feature

  • Added IP filter / blocklist support. (# 1083)
  • New application icon as well as icons for file type associations. (# 1082)
  • Add support to set ‘Seed mode’ when adding torrents. (# 1073)
  • Add connection limits to preferences. (# 1072)
  • Add keyboard shortcut (F1) to open the documentation. (# 1071)
  • Add a brand new installer. (# 983)
  • Improved PQL. (# 1057)

Official page
Download: PicoTorrent 0.24.0 for Windows 32-bit (5.01 MB)
Download: PicoTorrent 0.24.0 for Windows 64-bit (5.63 MB)

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