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Tribler 7.7.0 Final

Tribler is BitTorrent client with a decentralized structure, which does not require a central server and traditional torrent trackers. In the latest version of Tribler, it is possible for traffic to pass through the Tor anonymizing network. Tribler is written in the Python programming language and is supported by several European universities.

Key features of Tribler:

  • work through its own anonymous protocol, similar to Tor;
  • support for Tor-messages Cell, Create, Extend and Ping;
  • sending and real-time monitoring of the occupied information bar, support of Tor-routers;
  • accelerated synchronization between connected users;
  • support for Mac computers manufactured before 2008 has been removed.

For the time being, restrictions have been introduced for the size of the files, which cannot exceed 50 MB, the time for using the Tribler protocol is limited. In version 6.4, all restrictions will be removed.
License: Free (Open Source).

Changes in Tribler 7.7.0 Final:

  • Fixed pyqtsignal handling on low storage
  • Added ability to send issues automatically in case TEST_SENTRY_URL is defined
  • Renamed error_reporting_requires_user_consent
  • Changed mousePressEvent signature
  • Returned from on_received_metainfo if the dialog is closed
  • Updated download progress in channels on dl polls
  • Fixed default search order for FTS queries
  • Changed mocked config to corrupted source file
  • Fixed crash on perform_files_request when dialog is closed
  • Added “closed” property to DialogContainer
  • Added xinerama as debian depenedency
  • Fixed full-text search query
  • Fixed sorting search result by health (# 5880)
  • Added sql_default value to self_checked column
  • Removed db_session from column_exists upgrader utility
  • Fixed style issues
  • Added v10 test database and update upgrader tests
  • Converted torrent_checked set to dict
  • Added torrent checker tests
  • Removed redundant return
  • Added db v8-> v10 upgrader test
  • Made torrent_checked a property
  • Fixed database upgrade issues
  • Fixed torrent checker tests
  • Load torrents_checked from db to bootstrap
  • Added self_checked column to TorrentState
  • Fixed Search breadcrumb error
  • Fixed remote preview for channels
  • Added an option to run Tribler with sentry URL for tests
  • Applied error_reporting_requires_user_consent in case of core’s errors
  • Added prefix TEST to consts
  • Added Discovery Booster
  • Added an option to automatically send exceptions
  • Increased the size of nodes in trust graph slightly
  • Updated trustview endpoint tests
  • Fixed issue with clicking node in Trust graph UI
  • Added test for refresh query parameter in trustview endpoint
  • Improved logging and exception message in Trust graph
  • Added missing refresh parameter in trustview endpoint.
  • Fixed Trustgraph max node issue
  • Fixed preview_clicked pyqtsignal handler issue
  • Fixed database upgrader & tests
  • Fixed GUI emit interface mismatches
  • Returned false if PyQt5 is not available on user confirmation
  • Converted PyQt5 to local import in tribler common.
  • Renamed variable last_fresh_time
  • Fixed pylint issue
  • Added popular torrents checking in torrent checker
  • Fixed bug in relay payouts
  • Updated IPv8 pointer
  • Added release for Sentry
  • Used mds instead of metadata_store
  • Rollback “Tribler starts on event mechanism”
  • Added try-except block to dependency message box
  • Added value check
  • Added to makedirs the argument exist_ok=True
  • Removed unused sync_channels strategy
  • Kept python modules in a report
  • Added breadcrumbs to UI
  • Added user identification for GUI errors
  • Stopped spamming breadcrumbs after error
  • Adopted signal C ++ signatures
  • Wrapped connect () calls for extended tracebacks
  • Fixed broken pre-commit on Mac

Official page
Download: Tribler 7.7.0 Final for Windows 32-bit (61.1 MB)
Download: Tribler 7.7.0 Final for Windows 64-bit (69.4 MB)
Download: Tribler 7.7.0 Final for Linux (2.96 MB)
Download: Tribler 7.7.0 Final for MacOS (63.3 MB)

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