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PlayClaw 6.0 Build 5305

PlayClaw is software for recording videos and screenshots of any game. PlayClaw provides a full range of features for high definition video recording, capturing screenshots or testing the performance of the machine.

The program is fully compatible with the latest versions of OpenGL, DirectX and Direct3D. For the test mode, various graphics are displayed on the screen, including FPS, AVI and GPU. Currently, PlayClaw is one of the few tools for capturing video from any game with full support for multi-core processors. The user can choose how many cores to handle this task.

With the help of PlayClaw you will be able to make a trailer of your favorite game, show your latest tricks with smooth videos without lagging your game, with full resolution and high FPS, you also have the opportunity to capture visual effects like Winamp’s MilkDrop. Your videos will be accompanied by original audio stream and sound effects. Real-time conversation can never be easier! There is support for Teamspeak and Ventrilo layers, which show the nicknames of the one who is speaking at the moment of the game.

Unlike many of its older competitors, PlayClaw recognizes and makes full use of advanced features to speed up modern video chipsets, allowing these tasks to be performed without affecting the gameplay or frame rate in the game. Even the use of advanced video codecs will not slow down your game! There are no shredded videos or distorted screenshots when using PlayClaw!!

When multi-core processors came into our lives, we gained the ability to record video games almost without interrupting the game. PlayClaw is specially optimized for full use of multi-core processors.

PlayClaw is set to use three cores in high compression mode. This mode is characterized by intense CPU impact and small file size, video output. We conducted three tests with different FPS values ​​- 30, 60, 75. In general, 30 frames per second is enough to record high quality HD video, but we decided to put maximum load on the processor and PlayClaw to show their capabilities.

License: Paid (Trial).

Whats New in PlayClaw 6.0 Build 5305:

Added threads count option in OpenH264 encoderSmall performance tuning in Web Browser overlayFixed possible crash in AMD H264 encoderFixed wrong dropping frames in OpenH264 encoderFixed wrong DIMM temperature sensors values ​​in Sysinfo overlayAdded Thai localization

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Download: PlayClaw 6.0 Build 5305 (69.6 MB)

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