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RJ TextEd 15.50 Final

RJ TextEd 15.50 Final

RJ TextEd is a web-based tool and Unicode text editor that includes checking for syntax errors. It also contains the following tools: HTML editor, CSS editor, ASCII editing and binaries, allows the transition from Unicode-format to text and vice versa. It also contains an FTP client. RJ TextEd applies syntax coloring to all files.

RJ TextEd uses its own special system files, which contain syntactic definitions, through which the tool recognizes keywords, tags, commands and more. characters, words, and phrases that you’d like to see colored in desired colors for easier editing. In other words, RJ TextEd is one of the few editors that allows you to adjust what and how to color.

RJ TextEd has a system for automatic completion of writing; when stored, documents can be encrypted (twofish) or published as a formatted HTML web file with colorful syntax; supports all types of files (ANSI, ASCII (DOS), UTF-8, Unicode…), and even has the option to convert between different encodings. The product is able to open multiple documents simultaneously in its tabbed interface; monitors spelling in several different languages ​​(the function works even with Unicode documents); has a built-in FTP client for direct editing of files uploaded to FTP servers; unlimited undo / redo; 10 types of bookmarks; intelligent word wrap, which tries to arrange the text so that it is as readable as possible.

Apart from being functional, RJ TextEd turns out to be a rather vain program that supports skins (the authors also offer a special application with which you can master your own “skins”) and has translation files in different languages, to which Bulgarian can be easily added. .

RJ TextEd is also suitable for programmers, office workers and web developers.

License: Freeware.

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RJ TextEd 15.50 Final (49.6 MB)

RJ TextEd Portable 15.50 Final (49.6 MB)


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