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SecureFX 9.0.0 Final

SecureFX is a great FTP client, and very convenient. Its interface is similar to Windows Explorer, with 2 windows – for the local directory and for the remote server.

In addition to the mandatory ability to save multiple accounts, restore interrupted transfers (even if the program was closed), SecureFX has a lot of extras. Starting with the automatic recognition of the type of transfer needed for a file, firewall support, CuteFTP database support (so you can import your accounts), and ending with server-to-server transfers.

SecureFX is an encrypted file transfer client with extensive configuration and transfer protocol configuration options.

SecureFX includes a command line utility for transferring SSH files. SecureFX also supports download and restore mode in case of disconnection.

* SSH2 support
* Authorization of the user both in interactive mode and through public keys (RSA, DSA)
* Extended support for X.509 hot keys
* Support for SSH2 SFTP, FTP over SSH2 and FTP via SSL (TLS)
* Ability to work from the command line
* Support for a large number of FTP servers running MVS, VMS, NT, Unix, etc.
* Synchronization of local and remote directory
* All connections are located in one window and do not load the desktop
* Support download mode
License: Paid (Shareware).

Whats New in SecureFX 9.0.0 Final

Official page

Download: SecureFX 9.0.0 Final

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