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I2P 0.9.49

I2P (Invisible Internet Project) or “Invisible Internet Project” is open source software designed to organize a highly stable anonymous, encrypted network, suitable for web browsing, anonymous hosting (creation of anonymous sites, forums and chats, anonymous file sharing servers, etc.). I2P can work with various systems for instant messaging, blogging, file sharing, including through P2P connections (Torrent, eDonkey, Kad, Gnutella), e-mail, VoIP and much more. The addresses in the I2P network are located in the .i2p pseudo-domain space.

The I2P network is characterized by the use of powerful methods for encrypting information, with its P2P architecture and variable intermediaries (hops). In this way, deep anonymization is achieved, MiTM attacks are avoided and it is impossible to replace data packets that remain hidden from the eyes of users.

To access I2P, you need to install a router program that encrypts and decrypts the data, compresses and decompresses the traffic, and forwards it to the peers.
License: Freeware.

Whats New in I2P 0.9.49:


  • Build: Git migration
  • Build: Move web resources to wars
  • i2psnark WebSeed support
  • i2psnark padding file support
  • i2ptunnel: Move proxy resources to jar
  • Router: Redesign ECIES encryption for floodfills (proposal 156)
  • Router: Verify RI stores after startup
  • Router: Reduce Sybil threshold
  • Router: ECIES for new routers
  • Router: Start of ECIES migration
  • SSU: Send individual fragments of messages
  • SSU: Westwood + congestion control
  • SSU: Fast retransmit

Bug Fixes

  • Build: Fix Gradle build
  • Crypto: Increase ratchet tag window to prevent message loss
  • I2CP: Fix encrypted leaseset combined with ECIES crypto or offline keys
  • i2ptunnel: Fix config file saving issues
  • Router: Fix leaseset request fails causing watchdog to bark
  • Router: Hidden mode fixes
  • SSU: Fix partial acks not being sent
  • SSU: Fix occasional high CPU usage


  • Crypto: AES performance improvements
  • DoH: Change to RFC 8484 style
  • i2ptunnel: Remove DSA shared clients
  • Proxy: Add jump servers
  • Router: Add more countries for hidden mode
  • Router: Tunnel peer selection changes
  • Router: Move Sybil subsystem from console to router for embedded use
  • Router: Verify RI stores for a while after startup
  • Util: New unit tests
  • Translation updates

Official page

Download: I2P 0.9.49 (21.4 MB)

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