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ShareX 13.6.0

ShareX is an open source screen capture program. The program is fast and can capture both the entire screen and parts of it. A characteristic feature of ShareX is the ability to create screenshots not only with a rectangular shape, but also with other geometric shapes – triangle, circle, rhombus and others.

Features of ShareX:

  • Ability to add graphic effects – transparency and / or shadow around the screenshot and others (37 effects in total)
  • With the help of Shift + PrtScn it is possible to select an area of ​​the screen
  • Ability to easily share the screenshot
  • Each screenshot can be sent to a file store and automatically get a short link to it
  • It is possible to choose exactly which hosting to use
  • A built-in software tool for capturing the screen image is available, which is convenient for recording user actions
  • Built-in FTP client
  • QR code recognition
  • Keyboard shortcuts are supported
  • Convenient and fast adjustment of all parameters

ShareX is a fast and convenient screen capture program.

License: Free (Open Source).

Whats New in ShareX 13.6.0:

  • ShareX is now using the .NET Framework 4.8 which will be automatically downloaded if it is not available
  • Updated Inno Setup to 6.2.0 which has modernized graphics
  • Updated Inno Setup Dependency Installer script which is now using the new built in Inno Setup downloader to download .NET Framework
  • Added “Glow” image effect, which allows you to make a gradient outer glow around your screenshots*
  • Removed social buttons toolbar and news button from the main window
  • Added Twitter button which will replace our previous news panel, please make sure to follow our Twitter account if you would like to receive ShareX related news or tips
  • Added Discord button, you can join our Discord server to get support from the community
  • Added “Menu font” theme option, and changed default font size of menu and context menus to 9.75 pt
  • Added Bing visual search button to the main window context menu and also as a URL sharing service destination, this works as both an image search and a great OCR service
  • Added quick image combine buttons to main window context menu*

    • You must select multiple images from main window by holding Ctrl or Shift and then selecting multiple thumbnails to be able to see these buttons in the right click context menu

  • When a screenshot is taken, the window title and process name of the active window is stored in history as a meta tag

    • This will greatly improve searching screenshots in the ShareX history window. For example if you take a screenshot from the Spotify window then you can either search “spotify” (process name) or specific artist name or song name (window title) which are stored in a meta tag. If you take screenshots on your browser, you can search the website you took it on (since the website name is generally in the Window Title)

  • Added an option to adjust JPEG quality automatically to fit best quality under target file size (Task settings -> Image)
  • Reorganized tools menu to group similar tools together with separators between them
  • Tweet message moved to upload menu from tools menu
  • Improved the “First time upload” dialog to save people from unintentional uploads: added big “Attention” text with red background and locked the “Yes” button for 5 seconds
  • Improved error message of custom uploaders to include more specific error messages with the host name included
  • Added multi line support to custom uploader argument value fields
  • Allow empty multipart / form-data value in custom uploader
  • Added copy URL buttons to response window
  • Added simple search bar to history window which lets you search by file name, window title and process name; you can also use wildcard characters while searching
  • Image history window search bar also supports searching meta tags now
  • Added advanced search button to the history window toolbar which toggles panel with more filtering options
  • The Image Preview now fills the right side, since the filtering options have been moved to advanced search
  • Added “Copy stats to clipboard” button to the history window toolbar
  • Added “Toggle more info” button to the history window toolbar, which toggles panel at bottom right to show more info about selected history entry such as tags
  • Added hotkeys to history window context menu entries:

    • Enter Open URL or file
    • Ctrl + Enter Open file
    • Shift + Enter Open folder
    • Ctrl + C Copy URL
    • Shift + C Copy file
    • Alt + C Copy image
    • Ctrl + Shift + C Copy file path
    • Ctrl + U Upload file
    • Ctrl + E Edit image

  • Added history settings window, which currently contains:

    • Maximum item limit (allows loading history window faster)
    • Remember search input
    • Remember window state

  • If dev mode is enabled then pressing Ctrl + F5 while in the history window loads fake history data
  • If dev mode is enabled then main window title, tray icon text and about window will show full version info with build type and admin privilege status, for example: ShareX 13.6.0 Dev (Debug, Admin)
  • Removed file uploader because it is no longer in service
  • “Delete file locally” after capture task now also works for file uploads if “Task settings -> Advanced -> UseAfterCaptureTasksDuringFileUpload” option is enabled

Official page

Download: ShareX 13.6.0 (7.92 MB)

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