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UltraVNC 1.3.4 Final

UltraVNC is a client / server based software that allows you to control your computer remotely using a TCP / IP connection. Convenient for people who administer a network of computers or for people who want to connect to the PC at home while at work or vice versa.

UltraVNC is easy-to-use software that can show you the desktop (window) of another computer (via the Internet or LAN) directly on your monitor. The program allows you to use your keyboard and mouse to control the computer remotely. This means that you can be thousands of miles away from your computer, but still working on it is as if in front of you.

If you are involved in computer support, this is the perfect software for you. With it you will get access to your customers’ computers no matter where in the world you are. On the managed computer you need to install the same program, or one of its addons: Repeater, SingleClick and NATtoNAT connectors.

License: Free (GNU).

Whats New in UltraVNC 1.3.4 Final:

rdpmode fix
size / position / dpi update
security fixes
AdjustWindowRectExForDpi fix
scaling changes
Prevent service to restart vnc desktop part when SHutdown has been initiated.
Better result for scaling 200% or 300%
delete (remove MRU + delete options files + reset to default)
High dpi_aware

Official page

Download: UltraVNC 1.3.4 Final for Windows 32-bit (4.49 MB)

Download: UltraVNC 1.3.4 Final for Windows 64-bit (5.04 MB)

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