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Start Menu Reviver

Only Start Menu Reviver can bring back the Microsoft Windows Start menu instead of just replacing it. Traditional launchpad functionality that is clearly lacking in Windows 8 8.1 and 10 is restored with this app, which is touch-friendly and a perfect fit for Microsoft’s new Windows operating system design.

Start Menu Reviver

Launches both desktop and metro programs from the Start Menu. The Start Menu may be used to launch both classic desktop apps and the newest Windows modern applications. This feature is not available in any other product.

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With Start Menu Reviver, you can add up to 32 tiles to your Start Menu and make it uniquely yours. Select the programs, documents, folders, and more that you want to run right from your Start Menu to save time and effort. Alternatively, you may develop your own custom icons and use them instead of the ones in the icon collection.

Any other solution on the market can’t compete with Start Menu Reviver’s intuitiveness, functionality, and customization. It’s the ONLY option that works on a touchscreen and is completely unrestricted.

Only the Start Menu is genuinely touch-friendly due to its unique tile structure. You can still use your mouse and keyboard, but you can also add, delete, move, and modify with a single touch using Start Menu Reviver.

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Start Menu Reviver Features

  • Powerful Search. The search box is a one-stop-shop for finding anything on your computer. It will help you find applications, computer settings, and documents in a matter of seconds.
  • Access the Start Screen. If you still want to access the Windows 8 Start screen, you can see it and access it directly in Start Menu Reviver. You can even see how it looked the last time you were there.
  • Make a website Tile. The program doesn’t just let you add desktop and modern applications as tiles. You can also make tiles to quickly access your favorite websites and even your favorite documents.
  • Choose your Start Button. You can easily customize the default Start Button. The program has many different Start buttons to choose from.

Size: 6.42 MB

Download: Start Menu Reviver

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