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StrokesPlus is a very useful free program that adds to the Windows operating system advanced management of any application using a computer mouse. With the help of StrokesPlus it is possible to control actions through gestures made with a computer mouse.

After the launch of StrokesPlus, there are now built-in collections of gestures for different situations and for all users – it is possible to work with program windows, it is possible to transfer from one working application to another, very easy control of media player and much more.

StrokesPlus allows you to create your own gestures and attach your own commands to them, as well as edit existing gestures. If nothing is changed in the settings, the activation of gestures is done by pressing and holding the right mouse button and then it is necessary to perform the corresponding movement. StrokesPlus is portable and can be launched from a flash stick.
License: Freeware.

Changes in StrokesPlus

– Consolidated invoke functions and updated native delegate dynamic classes code for readability
– Removed unnecessary parameter definition from native delegate dynamic classes
– Removed unnecessary nop emits from native delegate dynamic classes

Official page
Download: StrokesPlus (10.9 MB)
Download: StrokesPlus Portable (13.5 MB)

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