SyncBackSE is a program that will help you back up your files and synchronize them with different media – hard drive, CD, CompactFlash, network drive or FTP server. It integrates with Task Sheduler and you can easily perform these tasks in the background.

Some of the features of SyncBackSE include – copy locked or open files, fast back up and synchronization, a powerful FTP tool.

SyncBackSE is a great program that will backup the files you want or sync them so that 2 (or more) folders have exactly the same content.

You have many fine settings and additional features, such as logging in. SyncBackSE works with various devices such as: hard disks, CD / DVD, Flash, network drive or FTP server.

License: Paid (Shareware).

Official page


Download: SyncBackSE for Windows 32-bit (23.3 MB)

Download: SyncBackSE for Windows 64-bit (27.4 MB)

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