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TextAloud 4.0.58

TextAloud is a Text-To-Speech (TTS) program. It converts any text contained in a file in PDF, DOC or TXT format into audio in WAV, MP3 or WMA format. Once launched, it is located in the system container, thus providing you with quick and easy access to it. Integrates with Internet Explorer. It has a simple and intuitive multilingual interface and the ability for multiple settings

TextAloud is a great program for converting text to speech. The software is quietly minimized in the tray icon and is always ready to read aloud text from e-mail, web pages, documents and more. You can record everything in .WMA or .MP3 format. Very convenient if, for example, you want to listen to the written report or e-mail later while you are in your car.

The program offers a user-friendly interface and includes instructions for use.
License: Paid (Shareware).

Whats New in TextAloud 4.0.58:

● New Batch File Converter utility available under Control Center menu

● Fixed intermittent issue with losing selection colors in TextAloud main window

● Workaround for issue where some voices insert the word ‘capitol’ when spelling upper case tex

● Fixed scrolling issue in TextAloud for Word addin when using the Pause button

● Fixed file encoding issues related to writing text files from File Splitter and loading PDF documents

Official page
Download: TextAloud 4.0.58 (25.4 MB)

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