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Tor Browser 12.5.6 / Tor Browser 13.0 Alpha 5

Tor Browser is a network and web browser that is both free and open. It assists you in defending against traffic analysis, a kind of network spying that poses a danger to personal freedom and privacy, private commercial operations and connections, and national security.

Tor Browser

Tor Browser secures your communications by routing them via a dispersed network of relays maintained by volunteers all over the globe.

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It stops anybody monitoring your Internet connection from seeing which websites you visit. It also prevents websites from knowing your actual location. It also allows you to visit websites that have been restricted.

You may use Tor without installing any software on Windows, macOS, or Linux using the Browser. It may be operated on a USB flash drive and comes with a pre-configured web browser to safeguard your identity (portable).

Don’t torrent over Tor Browser.

Even when Tor should be used, torrent file-sharing programmes bypass proxy settings and create direct connections. Even if your torrent client only connects over Tor, you’ll almost always transmit your actual IP address in the tracker GET request since torrents function that way. This deanonymizes your torrent traffic and other concurrent Tor web traffic, but it also slows down the Tor network for everyone else.

Don’t enable or install browser plugins.

The browser will block plugins such as Flash, RealPlayer, Quicktime, etc. They can persuade you to divulge your IP address. Similarly, do not install extra Tor Browser extensions or plugins since they may circumvent Tor or compromise your anonymity and privacy.

Use HTTPS versions of websites.

Your traffic to and within the Tor network will be encrypted, but that website will determine the encryption of your traffic to the ultimate destination website. The browser incorporates HTTPS Everywhere, which forces HTTPS encryption with big websites supporting it to assure private encryption on websites. However, you should still check your browser’s URL bar to see whether any websites to which you send sensitive information have a blue or green URL bar button.

Don’t open documents downloaded through Tor while online

Before automatically opening documents handled by external apps, the Tor Browser will notify you. THIS WARNING SHOULD NOT BE IGNORED. You should exercise extreme caution when using Tor to download documents (especially DOC and PDF files).

Use bridges and find a company.

Tor Browser prevents attackers from discovering which websites you connect to as a destination. However, it does not prevent someone monitoring your Internet traffic from finding out that you’re using Tor Browser by default. If this concerns you, you may mitigate the danger by setting Tor to connect to a Tor bridge relay rather than the public Tor network directly.


Size: 71.9 MB

Tor 12.5.6 for Windows x86

Tor 12.5.6 for Windows x64

Tor 12.5.6 for Mac

Tor 12.5.6 for Linux 32-Bit

Tor 12.5.6 for Linux 64-Bit

Tor Browser 13 Alpha 5 for Windows x86

Tor Browser 13 Alpha 5 for Windows x64

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