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TwinkiePaste 3.11 Build 606

TwinkiePaste is a Windows program for inserting frequently used snippets of text, expressions, signatures, and more into any program at the touch of a hot key. 

TwinkiePaste preserves the exchange history. The application can launch other programs, search the World Wide Web for marked text anywhere, put quotes and many other automations.

TwinkiePaste can record commands to be executed using hotkeys. It is possible to highlight text on the Internet or in a text editor and then translate it with Google Translate using a command from the TwinkiePaste arsenal.

If you have entered a quote and forgot to enclose quotation marks, you can select the appropriate command from TwinkiePaste and the highlighted text receives quotation marks. It is possible to automatically switch the keyboard layout when inserting English and Bulgarian words. TwinkiePaste has a menu containing inserts and the ability to save the history as a file.
License: Paid (Trial).

Whats New in TwinkiePaste 3.11 Build 606:

[+] added: PhraseEditor – new command “ViewShow Meta Info In Tree”;
[+] added: extended tooltips for command “Copy As”;
[+] added: tooltips shown URL for the commands “Open Source URL”, “Copy Source URL”;
[*] removed: separator for empty clips in paste menu;
[*] updated Russian file of user interface;

Official page
Download: TwinkiePaste 3.11 Build 606 (2.84 MB)

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