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UnHackMe 15.10.2023.0725 Final

Antivirus software UnHackMe is a not very well-known, but effective application for identifying and efficiently uninstalling next-generation Trojans that make use of rootkit technologies. The UI is user-friendly, and all of the essential options are readily accessible.

UnHackMe 15.10.2023.0725 Final

A rootkit is a software application that hackers employ to conceal their intrusions and obtain administrative access to the systems of their victims. Rootkits are installed by the attacker as a result of user interaction, exploiting vulnerabilities, or breaking a password.

UnHackMe 13.05.2021.1020 Final

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This software identifies and removes rootkit applications, which are programs that skillfully erase all traces of your presence on your computer, which is not always the case with conventional antivirus products. UnHackMe is a free download from the official website.

License: paid license (Shareware)


UnHackMe 15.90.2024.326 Final (43.2 MB)

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