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NANO Antivirus

NANO AntiVirus is an antivirus program that provides reliable protection for your computer from viruses, Trojans, worms, and other types of malicious code.

NANO AntiVirus is a completely new project aimed at maximally satisfying the needs of users regarding antivirus software. It is characterized by high speed, efficiency, and ease of operation. Scans web traffic in real-time and checks all files downloaded from the Internet.

NANO Antivirus

NANO AntiVirus can scan the entire computer or a separate logical partition, quarantine, or remove any threats. You have the ability to exclude from inspection objects that you are sure are safe. The program automatically and timely updates the database with virus definitions so that it can protect the system from new viruses and malware.

Deep emulation technology allows the detection and treatment of complex encoded and polymorphic viruses. Powerful support for working with archives has been implemented, which separates the malicious objects processed by different archivers, thus providing protection against repeated epidemics of the same viruses.

With a minimum number of actions, users can perform a full scan of the computer and removable media, run an express scan – only on potentially dangerous areas – and update the antivirus components.

It is also possible to set up scheduled inspections. NANO Antivirus also includes a function to protect your computer in real-time. The web traffic scanner instantly checks all files downloaded from the internet for infections.

It is also possible to organize a trusted area with a set of selected objects that can be excluded during the inspection in order to scan faster. The application also includes quarantine for the isolation of suspicious objects.

License: Freeware.

Official page

Download: NANO Antivirus (9.85 MB)

Download: NANO Antivirus pro

Download: NANO Antivirus Sky Scan from Microsoft Store

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