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VoodooShield 7.08

VoodooShield is a program for proactive protection against viruses and network attacks, which is now available for free.

VoodooShield 7.08

VoodooShield works on the principle of “white list” and blocks the start of all programs and processes, except for the applications included in the white list.

If VoodooShield has blocked a file, the user is given the option to send it for analysis to VirusTotal, where it can be scanned using about 40 blacklist antivirus scanners. This approach requires fewer computer resources because it does not require the continuous blocking of more than 15,000 viral infections and pests.

The method used in VoodooShield was actually invented by Microsoft and is similar to the blocking technology used in UAC – any process is blocked before it is created, and then the program or user decides whether to start the generated process.

VirusTotal goes through a kind of learning process, after which the current state of the OS and the started processes are captured. Files and processes that are not included in the capture are blocked and the user is given the option to start.
License: Freeware.

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VoodooShield 7.08 (30.4 MB)

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