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Xlideit Image Viewer 1.0.210214

Xlideit Image Viewer is an excellent free program for viewing and basic image editing, characterized by its user-friendly interface and few required system resources.

Xlideit Image Viewer supports work with all major graphic formats – png, jpg, tif, gif, bmp and others. Images in Xlideit Image Viewer can be inserted via drag-n-drop, and their icons appear in the bottom panel of the program and when you click on them, the images appear in full size.

Xlideit Image Viewer can display slideshows, scale images, rotate, delete, crop, have editing, sorting, full screen and tag removal tools. Editing can be done on individual images as well as on several images at once.
License: Freeware.

Official page

Download: Xlideit Image Viewer 1.0.210214 (944 KB)

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