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ZoneAlarm Free Firewall

ZoneAlarm Free provides good and reliable protection of your computer from unwanted attacks. Blocks intruders from the Internet or the local network. It monitors the activity of all applications in real time and allows control of their connection to the Internet. This protects the computer from both external and internal attacks (malware attempts to send personal information to the Internet). Offers intuitive settings as well as excellent filters for software applications.

ZoneAlarm is a popular firewall that successfully solves security problems on a local network or the Internet. It has flexible and intuitive settings, perfect filters for applications, supports digital signature verification, makes a detailed log file of events, makes automatic checking of e-mail, cookie control, blocking of advertising banners, pop-ups and much more.

ZoneAlarm supports digital signature verification, generates a detailed event log file and includes tools for its analysis with subsequent presentation of information in text and graphics.

ZoneAlarm implements a customizable cookie control that blocks the transmission of personal information about the user to websites. There is also a function to block banner ads and pop-ups, thus speeding up the loading of web pages.

License: Freeware.

Official page

Download: ZoneAlarm Free Firewall (5.68 MB)

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