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MEGAsync is a program for easy synchronization of files between the computer and the MEGA file storage based on the electronic cloud. When registering with MEGA, free 50 GB of disk space is provided, and the MEGAsync client uses reliable encryption to exchange information.

Unlike many other similar services, Mega uses data encryption and decryption only with the help of client devices. In this way, the information is reliably protected and is accessible only to the user. All files are encrypted directly in the browser program window or is the MEGASync client using the AES algorithm.

MEGASync provides data security, synchronization flexibility – it is possible to select multiple folders for synchronization, and high speed real-time operation.
License: Freeware.

Official page
Download: MEGAsync for Windows (33.2 MB)
Download: MEGAsync for Mac (39.5 MB)
Download: MEGAsync for Linux

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