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Bitdefender Mobile Security Free

There are some strong antivirus and online security features in Bitdefender Mobile Security for Android. Because it scans on the cloud, it can keep up with the most recent threats without draining the battery.

Bitdefender Mobile Security Free

Security businesses such as Bitdefender and McAfee are used to identify threats in the cloud. Consequently, it safeguards your surfing experience and inhibits the installation of harmful programs with almost no impact on battery life.

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An on-demand scan may also be performed at any time to ensure the authenticity and protection of any programs installed on the device or stored in the phone’s storage. Even after an application is installed, Bitdefender Mobile Security will automatically scan it to ensure that the Android device remains clean.

With the help of the Privacy Advisor, you can see exactly what your installed applications are up to while you’re not using them. Android devices may be remotely located, locked, erased or sent a message using the Anti-Theft module.

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By removing the PIN code while connected to a trustworthy Wi-Fi network, Smart Unlock allows you to access your applications without entering a PIN. Because of this, Bitdefender Mobile Security protects your Android devices against theft and malware! Bitdefender Mobile Security can even protect your smartwatch if you like.

Bitdefender Mobile Security Features

  • Malware Scanner – confirmed 100% detection rate
  • Privacy Advisor – reveals which apps might leak your personal information
  • Web Security – real-time protection for Chrome and Android’s default browsers
  • Anti-Theft – lock, track, and wipe your phone from any Internet-connected device
  • App Lock – Lock your delicate apps with a PIN code
  • New: Smart Unlock – grants you direct access to your apps by disabling the PIN code.
  • WearON – extends Bitdefender Mobile Security Premium to your smartwatch
  • New: Snap Photo – Active protection against thieves and intruders. Your phone will snap a mugshot of anyone who tries to tamper together with your phone in your absence.

Bitdefender Mobile Security Free Key Features

  • Malware Scanner
  • Application Audit
  • Remote Geolocation

Download Bitdefender Mobile Security

Bitdefender Mobile Security 

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