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SRWare Iron 123.0.6250.0 – Privacy First Browser

SRWare Iron is an alternative browser based on the open Chromium project. It has all the features that Google Chrome offers, except for those that pose a privacy issue. Google Chrome has received a lot of criticism from data protection experts, for reasons such as creating a unique user ID, as well as submitting data to Google to generate tips.

SRWare Iron 123.0.6250.0 - Privacy First Browser

Unlike its prototype, Iron does not identify the user and does not send any information about his activity to Google. The bug reports, and the installation of the Google Updater service, which runs with Windows, have also been removed. A distinctive feature is the built-in ad blocker.

Key Features of SRWare Iron and Differences from Google Chrome

  1. Privacy and Security
    • SRWare Iron aims to eliminate usage tracking and other privacy-compromising functionality found in Google Chrome.
    • Unlike Chrome, Iron does not include a generated installation number that is sent to Google after installation and first usage.
    • Iron also allows for more flexible and permanent changes to the User-Agent string.
  2. Built-in Adblocker
    • Iron includes an easy-to-use built-in adblocker that can be configured through a single file.
    • Chrome does not have a built-in adblocker.
  3. New Tab Page
    • Iron offers 12 preview thumbnails on the new tab page, allowing you to make the most of the available screen space.
    • Chrome provides only 8 preview thumbnails.
  4. Eliminated Features
    • Iron removes certain features present in Chrome, such as:
      • Sending installation and usage information to Google.
      • Transmitting address bar input to Google for suggestions.
      • Sending details about crashes or failures to Google.
      • Automatic opening of the Google homepage in the background.
  5. Platform Availability
    • SRWare Iron is available for Windows, Android, Linux, and Mac.

If you prioritize privacy and want an alternative to Chrome, SRWare Iron is worth considering. With its positive honors, SRWare Iron has every chance of becoming the preferred alternative to Google Chrome.

License: Freeware.

Official page

Download SRWare Iron

Windows 32-bit | Windows 64-bit

Portable 32-bit | Portable 64-bit

Linux (32-Bit)

Linux (64-Bit)

SRWare Iron for macOS

SRWare for Android

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