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Xara Designer Pro+ –

Xara Designer Pro X 19 is a complete design solution for images, graphics, web, DTP, and presentations. This multi-award-winning software integrates all of the high-performance elements necessary for advanced design into a single, well-organized program interface.

Xara Designer Pro+ -

MAGIX Xara Designer Pro X 19 provides unrivaled WYSIWYG web design, unique picture editing, flexible page layout, and strong illustration capabilities.

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Without any prior knowledge, you may create your websites. There are no bothersome dialogues – just drag the item! Furthermore, you view the page exactly as it will look on the internet.

Xara Designer Pro X is built on the most advanced and high-performance vector rendering engine in the world. As a result, you can use it to create interactive, quick, and intuitive effects like transparency, shadows, bevels, and gradient fills.

The ability to drag and drop is beneficial to many jobs in Xara Designer Pro X. That is the most natural method of working and it saves a lot of time. It also allows you to drag and drop things, such as images, into the program.

As a result, Xara Designer Pro X 19 is the ultimate design solution, tailored to the particular needs of ambitious and professional users.

Xara Designer Pro X Suite consists of

  • A photo and vector Illustration program: Xara Photo and Graphic Designer
  • A page layout / DTP program: Xara Page and Layout Designer
  • A website creation program: Xara Web Designer
  • Over 1 million archive photos and illustrations
  • Over 390 photo filters and effects
  • 3,000+ design elements
  • Over 240 website templates
  • Over 200 print layouts for business cards, flyers, etc.
  • 2 GB web storage and domain
  • Over 70 social media elements
  • 230+ Designs for presentations

Vector-based graphic design, professional image editing, desktop publishing, and web design. Xara Designer Pro X delivers all the tools you need in a single workspace. Get started today and bring your ideas to life.

Graphic design

Whether for a logo, icon, drawing, or illustration, you can easily create the perfect combination of graphics, photos, and type using drawing tools for flexible lines, shapes, and curves. And all of that is vector-based, meaning your drafts can be resized without any loss of quality.

Image editing Redefine your photos!

Use powerful photo tools to remove small imperfections or entire objects, crop, mask, and combine objects into collages. Or create the right feel with over 140 preset photo filters.

Desktop publishing

Publish your designs online and in print. Design layout for multi-page flyers, magazines, and e-books, as well as business cards, invitations, and posters for upcoming events. Enjoy CMYK support for bold prints and a publishing workflow for uploading media online.

Web design

Create your responsive website – no programming experience is required. Choose a template and position the desired elements, widgets, photos, and graphics using drag & drop. Customize colors and add modern animation like parallax scrolling – that’s all there is to it. During the entire process, you have full creative freedom in your web design.


Size: 487 MB

Xara Designer Pro+ Trial


Xara Designer Pro X 19 Trial

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