Cerberus FTP Server 12.2.0

Cerberus FTP ServerTM is a very powerful SSL / TLS encryptor and FTP server. It was created with the idea of using very little CPU time and memory.

Cerberus FTP Server 12.2.0

Offers a nice and easy to use interface. The program can “listen” on many interfaces and integrates perfectly with Windows NT database or active directories.

Supports connection recovery after disconnection, easily manageable access control, connection limit, timeout, IP control and other forms of protection.

Cerberus FTP Server Features

  • IP address management
  • possibility to resume interrupted transfers
  • log all connections to the server
  • statistics on transfers and connections to the server
  • Taskbar icon with status indicator and a number of others.

The program supports SSL / TLS; supports dynamic DNS services, etc.

License: Paid (Shareware).

Whats New in Cerberus FTP Server 12.7

  • New: Native Cerberus users now have secondary groups to allow a user to be in multiple groups
  • New: In AD Users, when displaying a user’s details, AD group to Cerberus group mappings now appear as secondary groups
  • New: In User Manager, when displaying a user’s virtual directories, there is now a table column for the group (s) that the virtual directory was inherited from
  • New: When upgrading to future versions of Cerberus, the account running the Cerberus service will no longer revert to LocalSystem
  • New: In Report Manager, the Account Report now includes AD and LDAP users in addition to native Cerberus users
  • New: In Report Manager, administrators can now remove old records from their reporting database using “Clean Tables”
  • New: In Report Manager, each report now only shows filters relevant for that report type
  • New: SCP now supports downloads with wildcards in the filename
  • New: Added support for TLS Extension # 23 Extended Master Secret (EMS) to mitigate Triple Handshake (3SHAKE) and other potential attacks
  • New: In Server Manager, when adding an Active Directory user or group as a Cerberus admin, the distinguished name (DN) can now be searched with autocomplete
  • New: In Event Manager, Folder Monitor now allows deleting read-only files
  • New: In HTTP / S web client, public shares now includes a new option to send one email notification for all transferred files every 5 minutes
  • New: In HTTP / S web client, public share notification emails now include the contents of downloaded zip files
  • New: Improved performance for customers with many concurrent client connections
  • Fixed: Addressed OpenSSL security vulnerabilities with a patch for CVE-2021-3712
  • Fixed: Replaced colorbox jQuery lightbox plugin to address security vulnerabilities
  • Fixed: Upgraded to curl 7.78.0 to address security vulnerabilities
  • Fixed: Upgraded to handlebars 4.7.7 to address security vulnerabilities
  • Fixed: Cerberus crashed intermittently for customers with many concurrent client connections
  • Fixed: SCP preserve timestamps did not use the correct timestamps for recursive downloads
  • Fixed: In HTTP / S web client, public share notification emails did not render correctly in MS Outlook
  • Many minor bug fixes and improvements

Official page


Cerberus FTP Server 12.7.0 for Windows 32-bit (26.8 MB)

Cerberus FTP Server 12.7.0 for Windows 64-bit (28.8 MB)

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