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CreateInstall Free 8.9.0

CreateInstall Free 8.9.0

CreateInstall is an installation program that gives you complete control over the installation process and unlimited scalability.

If you want to know what your installation does step by step, then CreateInstall is for you.

All ready-made installation scenarios are presented in the form of sequential instructions and can be used as ready-made commands, and the user can add their own actions.

CreateInstall uses the Gentee programming language as a scripting language that provides rich installation capabilities.

With the help of CreateInstall the user has the ability to accurately manage the installation and uninstallation of programs.

It is possible to scale the text windows, add your own resources and graphic elements.

It is possible to choose one of the two compression algorithms, one giving high compression and the other high decompression rate. It can be said that CreateInstall is a constructor that can be used to create any installation program.

License: Freeware.

Whats New in CreateInstall Free 8.9.0:


  • Added the ability to specify your own manifest files for installation, uninstallation and update.


Official page

Download: CreateInstall Free 8.9.0 (4.63 MB)

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