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UsbFix 11,040

UsbFix 11,040

UsbFix is ​​a very convenient program for removing harmful files from various USB-sticks and other external peripherals connected to the USB port. UsbFix quickly removes Conficker, which creates malicious dlls and autorun.inf files that can infect almost any device plugged into a USB port.

Features of UsbFix:

  • excellent technical support,
  • convenient reference system,
  • removal of computer viruses from the included USB port devices,
  • work with hidden folders,
  • regular updating of anti-virus signatures,
  • possibility for preliminary backup,
  • “Vaccination” of USB sticks,
  • protection for all external devices – cameras, smartphones and others,
  • detection and removal of Trojans, VBS viruses, worms, keyloggers and others,
  • compiling a journal of the results of the work.

UsbFix has a user-friendly interface and stylish design and is easy to use.

License: Freeware.

Official page

Download: UsbFix 2018 11,040 (4.64 MB)

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