Textify 1.8.4

Textify 1.8.4

Textify is a very small program that allows you to copy virtually any text, from places where it is considered that it can not be copied by ordinary means – dialogs, menus, software toolbars and more.

Textify uses hotkeys to click in a specific area of ​​a program window, and then copy the required text from the open new window.

Textify does not need to be installed and works everywhere. The program is also compatible with the latest universal applications and elements of the interface of the Windows 10 operating system.

Quite an easy to use program that can save a lot of time and nerves.

License: Freeware.

Whats New in Textify 1.8.4:

  • Added tooltips for web buttons.
  • Restored support for Windows XP and Windows Vista.

Official page

Download: Textify 1.8.4 (580 KB)

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