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O&O DiskImage Server 18.5 Build 373 – Comprehensive Backup Software

Peace of mind for your servers: safeguard your critical data and system configurations with O&O DiskImage Server Edition. This comprehensive backup software offers a reliable solution for companies of all sizes, protecting against unforeseen data loss and ensuring a fast recovery in case of disaster.

O&O DiskImage Server 18.5 Build 373 - Comprehensive Backup Software

Unmatched Efficiency for Administrators

  • Effortless Management: O&O DiskImage Server Edition simplifies server backups with features like network support through the O&O Enterprise Management Console. Schedule a variety of backup jobs with the user-friendly Job Assistant, saving you valuable time and resources.
  • Remote Power: Conveniently install and create images across your network directly from your workstation.

Complete Data Protection & Recovery

  • Recovery, No Matter What: Even in the face of severe system failures, O&O DiskImage Server offers multiple recovery options. Forensic imaging aids data recovery efforts, while the Start CD provides essential tools to access your data even if Windows won’t boot.

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Key Benefits of O&O DiskImage Server

  • M.I.R. Restoration: Restore backups onto dissimilar hardware for ultimate flexibility.
  • One-Click Imaging: Simplify backups with a single click to capture your entire server.
  • Automated Operations: Schedule automatic backups to ensure your data is always protected.
  • Email Notifications: Stay informed with email updates on backup activities.
  • Detailed Reporting: Gain valuable insights into your backups with comprehensive reports.
  • Advanced Features: Explore a wide range of functionalities, including file-level backup, cloning, virtual machine support, and advanced burning options.

Unparalleled Backup and Restore Capabilities

  • Image Everything: Capture your entire system, specific drives, or individual files and folders.
  • Flexible Restore Options: Restore entire systems, specific drives, or granular file-level recoveries.
  • Hardware Independence: Restore your backups onto dissimilar hardware with M.I.R. technology.
  • Bootable Media: Utilize the Start CD to boot your server and access recovery tools even if Windows fails.

Download O&O DiskImage Server

Size – 114 MB

O&O DiskImage 18.5.373 Server Update 64-bit

O&O DiskImage 18.2.199 Server Edition 64-bit

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