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OCCT (OverClock Checking Tool) 12.1.15 Final

The OCCT (OverClock Checking Tool) is a versatile application designed to help users test the resilience of their microprocessor under extreme operating conditions. It is not solely reserved for overclockers but is also beneficial for any individual looking to assess their CPU’s performance.

OCCT (OverClock Checking Tool) 12.1.15 Final

Key Features of OCCT

  • Multi-Core Support: OCCT can handle systems with up to 16 cores, like Quad-Kentsfield and Octo-Conroe. However, it should be noted that measurement is limited to 4 cores at any given time.
  • Customizable Tests: Users have the freedom to select specific tests based on duration, priority, and the component they want to stress (CPU or RAM).
  • Processor and Motherboard Detection: The tool recognizes the processor and motherboard, displaying them elegantly in what is referred to as ‘rest mode’.

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  • Real-Time Monitoring: Monitoring requires third-party programs such as MBM5, SpeedFan, SysTool, or Everest Ultimate Edition 3.50 or above. OCCT automatically invokes the supporting program at the onset of testing.
  • Graphical Display of Temperature and Voltage: The tool provides visual temperature and voltage readings in graph format, facilitating an easy-to-interpret performance overview.
  • Multilingual Support: OCCT is translated into 20 languages, including Bulgarian, catering to a diverse user base.
  • Additional Features: The program offers a variety of other extra features to enhance user experience.

Users need to retain the default maximum temperature setting of 70 degrees Celsius. Core temperature(s) should be specified to range between 35 and 48 degrees Celsius. With regards to the help software, OCCT provides options such as Built-in support, SpeedFan 4.xx, or Everest Ultimate Edition, with the Built-in option offering the broadest compatibility.

To add an element of user engagement, the program issues a distinctive alert sound when the specified temperature threshold of 70 degrees Celsius is surpassed. This audible warning can be customized by the user, allowing for replacement with another sound file in either WAV or MP3 format.

Official website

Download OCCT (OverClock Checking Tool)

OCCT 12.1.15 Final (192 MB)

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