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Windows 11 Manager 1.4.1

Yamicsoft Windows 11 Manager is a one-stop-shop for optimizing, tweaking, repairing, and cleaning up your Microsoft Windows 11 operating system. This all-in-one tool contains over forty separate applications for optimizing, tweaking, cleaning, speeding up and repairing your Windows 11.

Windows 11 Manager

Additionally, this Yamicsoft tool assists in optimizing your system’s performance, eradicate system errors, increase stability and security, customise your copy of Windows 11, and exceed all your expectations.

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Windows 11 Manager Features


Manually creates a system restore point. This program gathers precise information about your system and hardware and assists you in locating the Microsoft product key for Microsoft Windows and Microsoft Office. Displays and controls the state of all currently operating processes and threads. The Repair Center assists in diagnosing and resolving different system faults. Cleans your system with a single click. Optimization Wizard is beneficial for those who are inexperienced with computers.

System Optimizer

Optimizes your system’s performance and speed. Manages and customizes the Windows boot menu. Startup Manager manages all applications that start with Windows, examines and fixes advanced startup items, and restores destructive changes made by viruses. To maximize performance, work and optimize system services and drivers. Manages and optimizes scheduled activities to help your system run faster.

System Cleaner Disk Analyzer can analyze and visualize the disc space utilization of all applications, files, and folders to determine which programs, files, and folders consume the most disc space, shown graphically. Securely cleans up the WinSxS folder to reduce the size of the component store. Smart Uninstaller can completely remove apps from your system without leaving behind any leftover files or Registry entries. Desktop Cleaner analyses and relocates unnecessary desktop shortcuts, files, and folders to predefined folders. Performs searching and deleting trash files to save disc space and enhance speed. Searches for and deletes duplicated files to save disc space. Registry Cleaner scans the Registry for faulty entries and deletes them. Registry Defrag rebuilds and re-indexes your Registry to enhance application responsiveness and to eradicate registry errors and corruption.


Customize system settings based on your preferences by modifying the File Explorer, the Desktop, the Start menu, the Taskbar, and the Notification area. This PC and Desktop are enhanced with files, folders, and system things. The files or folders are pinned to the Desktop, Taskbar, or Start. Creates rapid starting items for the Taskbar’s jumplist. Manages the context menu when you right-click a file, folder, or another thing. Edits the shortcut menu that occurs when the Start button is right-clicked (the Win + X shortcut). Personalize the appearance of your system. Edits and adds shortcuts run when the Run dialogue box is opened. Adjusts the settings for Windows Apps and the Microsoft Modern UI.

System, component, and user access control (UAC) security tweaks Improve system security by adjusting sign-in settings, changing different locations, and restricting access to drives and applications. Secure your important files and folders by encrypting them and moving system folders to a secure place. By eradicating traces, Privacy Protector assures privacy and protects critical information. File Undelete recovers and restores files deleted or formatted on logical drives. Secures some system functionalities by disabling them.

Optimization of Networks

Optimizes and fine-tunes the performance of your internet connection and network settings. Adjusts the browser settings for Microsoft Internet Explorer. IP Switcher enables easy switching between various network configurations. Edits the Hosts file to optimize the system’s internet browsing. Wi-Fi Manager enables you to monitor and control your whole wireless network.

Diverse Utilities

Creates scheduled tasks or monitorings that act as triggers for scheduled tasks. Displays and executes the helpful collection of utilities that come pre-installed with Windows. Splits a file into many smaller files or combines them back together. Super Copy is a robust utility for automating file copying and backup. Utilizes the Registry Tools to manage your Registry effortlessly.

Size: 29.5 MB


Windows 11 Manager Trial

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