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pdfFactory 8.42 Final

pdfFactory is an application that will enable you to produce and browse PDF (Portable Document Format) files without prior PDF knowledge. You will also be able to work fast and efficiently with ones that have already been made. The application features a simple interface and is targeted towards the general public.

pdfFactory is a simple, dependable PDF generation tool for non-expert users that works with all apps. Anyone may produce PDF documents that can be shared through social media, emailed, or preserved.

pdfFactory 8.42 Final

PDF files are used to represent printed content electronically. They retain the original printed document’s fonts, visual information, layout, and formatting when viewed and printed. Only pdfFactory enables simultaneous printing to paper or PDF.

pdfFactory creates a single PDF from various documents. Increases the convenience of document distribution by combining content from several sources into a single PDF. Continue printing documents to pdfFactory, and they will be mixed automatically. A PDF file can be seen on any operating system, including macOS, and all variations of Unix, including Linux.

License: Shareware

pdfFactory Features

  • Instant PDFs from any software: One-click PDF creation.
  • Combine multiple documents into one PDF: Even from multiple sources.
  • Rearrange pages using a thumbnail view
  • Instant preview: Without having to save and open in Acrobat.
  • Security: Encrypt and control access to PDF files:
  • Font embedding: All original fonts are displayed, even if the reader does not have them.
  • Page insertion and deletion: Delete unwanted content before the PDF is created.
  • Send via email: eMail PDFs with one click. Copy PDF to clipboard for pasting into an existing email.
  • Drag & Drop: Easy integration with Evernote, Gmail, and other cloud-based facilities.
  • Page insertion and deletion: This allows to deletion of unwanted material before creating the PDF file. This is especially useful when creating PDFs from long reports, emails, and web pages.
  • Send via email: One mouse click sends PDFs through your default email program. Also copies PDF to clipboard for pasting into existing email.
  • AutoSave: Saves entire contents of pdfFactory sessions automatically so you can retrieve previously compiled PDFs.
  • Live URL Links: Customize links by line type, thickness, and color to open Web pages and email addresses with a click of your mouse.
  • Easy server deployment: Click here for information on our Server Edition.

pdfFactory Pro Additional Features

  • Create PDFs on letterhead
  • Add page numbering, headers, footers, watermarks
  • Bookmarks and Table of Contents: Automatically or manually create bookmarks to organize and easily navigate complex documents.
  • Create a table of contents automatically.
  • Convert to grayscale.
  • PDF/A archiving.
  • Add text notes.
  • Fill in forms.
  • Crop pages.
  • Edit text.
  • Add multiple signatures and initials with Notes function
  • Combine documents into a single PDF and rearrange them.
  • Custom Drivers for specific tasks.
  • Text highlight, copy, and redact.
  • Graphic copy, delete, save.
  • Convert text to links.

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Size: 14.8 MB

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