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Qmmp 0.12.10 / 1.4.3

Qmmp is an audio player that has been familiar to Linux users for years. It is now available in a Windows version.

The program uses the Qt library and has an interface similar to Winamp under Windows or XMMS under Linix. Qmmp is fully compatible with skins for Winamp2, XMMS or Audacious.

The application allows you to convert audio files and search for texts on the Internet, create playlists, play streaming audio, has an equalizer, supports plugins, visualizations, skins and much more.

You can find additional plugins and skins for the program here.
License: Free (Open Source).

Changes in Qmmp 0.12.10 / 1.4.3:

  • fixed dithering;
  • fixed memory leak;
  • fixed ignored files checking;
  • fixed cue tracks support in the converter plugin;
  • fixed possible freezing on playback resume.

Official page
Download: Qmmp 0.12.10 for Windows (14.4 MB)
Download: Qmmp 1.4.3 for Linux (1.23 MB)

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