Rainlendar 2.18.0 Build 171 Final

Rainlendar is a free and extremely convenient calendar-organizer-reminder, which in addition to the days of the month, also shows a list of upcoming tasks, compactly marked by dates.


Rainlendar is characterized by small size and exceptional economy of system resources; maintains skins, transparency; has a multilingual interface. The calendar blends perfectly with your wallpaper; with just one click on a date you can fill in an unlimited number of notes, and Rainlendar automatically changes the icon of the date for which an event is marked.

In addition to dates, Rainlendar allows you to keep notes in an additional manager (ToDo list), which can be hidden and displayed, depending on your desire. There is a reminder function via pop-up messages

Rainlendar is free and feature rich. It takes up little space and is easy to use and set up. Stores your tasks in the standard iCalendar format and you can exchange with other calendar programs.

Each task can have its own look and you can set up a notification so you don’t forget an event. It is also possible to set a beep.

License: Lite version is free and Pro paid.

Whats New in Rainlendar 2.18 Final:

o Google calendar and Office365 events show meeting link in the url field.
o Meeting attendees from Google Calendar and Office365 are shown in the tooltip.
o All day tasks shown in the calendar were displayed on two days.
o Timezone map shows offsets in the list.
o Polling changes from iCloud returned 503 from the server.
o Added “Move to next day” to context menu for single events and tasks.
o New advanced option: “Use today and tomorrow” when displaying the dates eg in the task list.
o Office365 descriptions were shown as read-only after created / edited.
o All day events which span across multiple weeks showed the description only on the first week.
o Deleting single instance of a multiday recurring event only worked if the first day was selected.
o Proxy user and password were not properly encoded so special characters could cause connection errors.

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Rainlendar 2.18.0 Build 171 Final Lite for Windows 32-bit (31.3 MB)

Rainlendar 2.18.0 Build 171 Final Pro windows X 32-bit (31.6 MB)

Rainlendar 2.18.0 Build 171 Final Lite x64 (32.9 MB)

Rainlendar 2.18.0 Build 171 Pro x64 Final (33.2 MB)

Rainlendar 2.18.0 Build 171 Final Lite Linux (25.5 MB)

Rainlendar 2.18.0 Build 171 Final for Linux 64-bit (39.5 MB)

Rainlendar 2.18.0 Build 171 Final for MacOS (29.1 MB)

Rainlendar 2.18.0 Build 171 Final for MacOS (29.6 MB)

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