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Waterfox G:6.0.11 / 2021.10 Classic

The Waterfox browser is a 64-bit version of Mozilla’s popular product, Firefox. The goal of the developer is one – higher speed.


Firefox source code is compiled specifically for the Windows x64 operating system. The main goal of the developers of the program is to achieve maximum speed and full use of the capabilities of modern 64-bit machines.

Waterfox is distributed free of charge. It is compatible with 64-bit Windows systems.

Waterfox Features

  • Faster browsing with Waterfox. Faster start-ups, faster tab-hopping, and increased productivity.
  • Customize the look and feel of your browser to your liking. Waterfox may be customized in a variety of ways, ranging from themes to privacy features.
  • Add-ons and extensions that you use the most. These include Adblock, Ublock, and many more.
  • synchronization across devices. Keep tabs, logins, and browsing history with you at all times.
  • Tabs on the Go. Use any device to access your open tabs.
  • Android version of Waterfox. Android’s most customized app ever.
  • Memory use that is evenly distributed. Allow your computer applications to run at full speed while browsing the web at a comfortable speed.
  • It’s time to upgrade your bookmarks. Save and organize your favorite websites in a matter of seconds.
  • A much less public. We do not sell access to your online information. Period.
  • There will be no gathering of information of any kind. We don’t require any personal information, so you may browse at your own pace.
  • Enhanced Private Browsing capabilities. More secure than using Incognito or InPrivate mode.
  • Blocking of third-party ad trackers. Ads with trackers are blocked by the Private Browsing plugin.
  • Manager of passwords. Don’t bother with a reset. Make it easy to save usernames and passwords.

License: Free (Open Source).

What New in Waterfox G4.0.2.1

Official page


Size – Varies

Waterfox G6.0.11 for Windows 64-bit (65.2 MB)

Waterfox G6.0.11 for MacOS (131 MB)

Waterfox G6.0.11 for Linux (83.9 MB

 Waterfox 2021.10 Classic for Windows 64-bit 

Waterfox 2021.10 Classic for MacOS 

Waterfox 2021.10 Classic for Linux 

Waterfox Classic 2021.04.2 Portable for Windows

Waterfox for Android

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