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Wipe 2220

Wipe is a free, easy, and robust system tool for clearing your browsing history, index.dat files, browser cache, temporary internet files, Internet search history, etc.


With Wipe, you will delete the history of your actions on the Internet and monitor your work on the computer. Cookies, cache, temporary internet files, automatic addition of visited web addresses and others are deleted.

License: Freeware.

WIPE Features:

  • A complete solution to remove user tracks. WIPE clears user browsing history, cookies, index.dat files, cache, logs, temporary internet files, autocomplete search history, recent document list, recent keywords list in toolbars, cached thumbnails of viewed pictures, registry cache and many many other areas.
  • Clear tracks collected by Windows. WIPE clears history records, tracks and evidence of computer usage made in Windows. Nobody will be able to find out what you did on your PC.
  • Clear tracks in 100s other applications. WIPE will also clear tracks, evidence, and garbage files in many different programs that you might have installed on your PC.
  • Impressive list with tracks preview – after running Wipe will show you a convenient list of all tracks on your PC and calculates the number of files and registry records.
  • Tracks preview. You can click any item in the list to see which tracks (information) are stored under it to decide if you need to clear it.
  • Areas separate them. Every program in the list (including Windows) has several options to clean. Users can specify what to clean more carefully. Every room has its checkbox.
  • Closing running programs. The app checks for running programs and will close those necessary for successful cleanup.
  • I was watching for success. WIPE would verify tracks removal and notify you if any file or registry record wasn’t deleted correctly. This can happen if some running program is locking files/registry records.
  • No restore. Wipe uses anti-recovery methods; even file names will be renamed to digits, so no one will be able to guess the content of deleted files.
  • It reminds you to clean your PC. The wipe tray agent can remind you to clean your PC when you have finished Internet browsing.

What New in Wipe 2219

  • Added Chinese translation
  • Improved language detection
  • Fixed a few small bugs

Official page


Wipe 2220 (6.20 MB)

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